It is commonly believed that cataract surgery is performed using lasers. However, the fact is that cataracts are removed using ultrasound energy by the technique of phaco-emulsification. The procedure involves the creation of corneal incisions with manual blades, the manual making of an opening in the covering or “skin” of the cataract- termed capsulorhexis, followed by the breakage of the cataractous lens into small pieces that are removed by ultrasound phaco energy.

The LENSAR Laser System in Operation
The LENSAR Laser System in Operation
The LENSAR Laser System
The LENSAR Laser System

With the LENSARTM laser system, laser cataract surgery has become a reality. The technique uses the femtosecond laser technology to perform the most critical steps of the surgical procedure with laser precision.

  • Surgical incisions are created with the laser and do not involve the use of any sharp blades.
  • A perfectly circular capsulorhexis opening is created.
  • The LENSARTM system breaks the cataractous lens into numerous small fragments, almost liquefying it. This potentially reduces the energy that is later required to remove the cataract from the eye.


All these critical steps are performed with utmost precision, and in a manner that is customized to the patient’s eye. This is made possible with a unique program, Augmented Reality, that constructs a 3-D image of the eye , helping the surgeon to plan and treat cataracts more efficiently.

Bladefree cataract surgery with the LENSARTM laser system offers numerous advantages.

  • Safety
  • Precision & Accuracy
  • Faster visual recovery
  • Less dependence on glasses*
  • No need for hospital admission